Bridal gloves black • Style Pearls Shine

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Color Black

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Bridal gloves black •  Style Pearls Shine

Elegance Redefined: Pearl-Adorned Black Gloves.
Transform any occasion into a glamorous affair with our Pearl-Adorned Black Gloves.
Crafted from elastic stretch mesh, these gloves exude sophistication and timeless charm. The absence of a rubber band ensures a seamless fit, while the closed seam adds a touch of refinement.
Luxurious pearls embellish these gloves, creating a captivating and glamorous look.
Versatile and chic Pearl-Adorned Black Gloves — ideal for weddings, parties, events, or achieving an evening look with Gatsby-inspired flair.
Elevate your style with these gloves, designed to bring a glamorous edge to every gesture. Whether you're stepping into the spotlight at a Gatsby party or adding a romantic touch to your wedding ensemble, these Pearl-Adorned Black Gloves are the epitome of elegance.
Elegant design without a rubber band ensures comfort and style.
Perfectly sized:
- a length of 68 cm,
- upper part width of 12 cm,
- lower part width of 8 cm.

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