• To measure yourself you will need a meter and the help of a loved one
  • It is important that you wear knitted clothes that fit the body (not loose-fitting, but it is important that the clothes do not pinch the body)
  • Measurements of the chest, hips, pregnant belly should be done along the lines of the most convex parts!

!  If you do not have a meter or no one to help you, contact the nearest professional atelier! This will help you take measurements quickly and professionally 

!  At the time of ordering, you only need to know your bust measurement. You can look at the size of the bra or your clothes on the label and write it in the details of your order! 

After placing your order, you will have 1-3 days to take your measurements and provide them to us!

BASIC required measurements (Before ordering)


Measure your bust area by putting the tape measure under your arms and around your shoulder blades (tape measure should be straight across your back).

Also make certain that the tape measure is over the fullest part of your bust

which is usually the area that sticks out the most or right at the nipples.

Chest (Underbust)

Pull the measuring tape around your ribcage, just underneath your breasts.

Make sure the tape is running straight and level around your body.


Measure your waist by putting the tape measure around where your waist creases.

The waist area is usually right above your belly button or the narrowest part of your waist.


To measure your hips, stand with your feet together and use your flexible tape measure to measure around the widest part as well.

Additional required measurements for dresses (After ordering)

Shoulder to underbust

Measure a line from the shoulder to the underbust line.

Shoulder To Bust Length 

Place the end of the measuring tape at the top midpoint of the shoulder.

Measure from the top of your shoulder down to the centre to your nipple.

Shoulder to Waist

Measure from the midpoint on top of the shoulder, vertically down to the front of the body, to the waist line (level with your belly button).

Armpit To Waist

Measure the distance from the armpit along the seam vertically to the waistline.

Shoulder Width

Your back should be straight, but your shoulders need to hang naturally in a relaxed position.

Place the tape measure from the tip of one shoulder the other.


Your arms should be completely relaxed and hanging loose by your sides.

The bicep measurement should be taken around the thickest part of your bicep.


Measure from the center of the bottom of the neck to the waist at the back.

The back should be in your usual state.


Measure the circumference of your wrist inserting one finger to allow for some slack.

Line Above The Wrist

Measure the girth of the line that is higher than the wrist by 7 cm / 3 in.

Waist To Hips

Place the end of the measuring tape at the top midpoint of the shoulder.

Measure from the top of your shoulder down to the centre to your nipple.

Sleeves Length

The measuring tape must be held at the shoulder seem and laid down along the outside of your bent arm down to your wrist where you want your shirt cuff to finish.

additional questions

  • Height
  • Heel Height
  • Length Of The Dress: To your height or possibly longer?

Additional required measurements for pajamas



Waist To Floor

Inseam Length

If you have difficulty with measurements or questions, contact us!